Earn Greenebank©™ carbon offset credits for recycling YOUR plastics. That’s right, Fill-A-Box ©™ safely protects the environment from YOUR plastics and permanently removes it from the environment in a process that creates a by-product.

That is, Fill-A-Box ©™ in synergy with Stat-Medicament-Disposal©™ converts YOUR plastics into crude oil and other fuel products.

The conversion process creates little pollution, operates with a simple air permit, and has much fewer environmental problems than incineration.

This conversion process converts 10 tons of plastic into 2,400 gallons of oil a day. That means “YOU” have saved the environment by removing YOUR Plastics from landfills or incineration, a Carbon Offset Credit redeemable by you through your Greenebank©™ account.

And, because of the one-stop collection of Fill-A-Box ©™, once the Plastics arrive at our facility, there is no further transportation costs involved, because, all of our synergy companies are located centrally. There is no shipping plastics to third world countries, to continue pollution, because we at Fill-A-Box ©™ think through our patented systems outside the box, in an effort to save the planet.

And, the by-product of this process “char” is used in roofing material, road building or is used as a fuel at 30% btu’s. That is right, Stat-Medicament-Disposal©™ uses it as a fuel in its destruction of unused-unneeded pharmaceuticals and swilling operations.

Participate by recycling YOUR plastics, all of YOUR plastics