Privacy Policy


This document was last updated on April 22, 2011

A. Acceptance of terms
Dickerson Recycling and its wholly owned subsidiaries Fill-a-Box; Winrows; Stat-Medicament-Disposal; Greenebank are committed to protecting your privacy and any personal information. Our privacy policy sets forth privacy practices within all the wholly owned subsidiaries with regard to any information we collect, or anytime you interact with those websites.

By accessing Greenebank and agreeing to participate in the cap and trade carbon offset programs you acknowledge that you fully understand this privacy statement and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth, and consent to information collected and the use and practices of that collected information.

If you do not agree with the terms of the privacy policy please cease participation in the programs and do not access the Greenebank website.

B. Information collected
Up to the time of your contact with Greenebank website, Fill-a-Box; Winrows; Stat-Medicament-Disposal collects data based an address / location only with no personal data identifier.

However, once you access Greenebank website we collect data that allows us to:

Identify the persons located at the address / location.
Authenticate the person’s identity.
Conduct research on the data collected
Provide cap and trade carbon offset certificates
Administer surveys
Communicate about other services

Greenebank will need your name or names, contact telephone, email address, utility providers (gas, electric, water).

You will also be required to create a unique password and/or PIN, to protect your redeeming cap and trade carbon offset credits.

Any other data that Greenebank attempts to collect is strictly voluntary, however participation could result in additional cap and trade carbon offset credits and or promotional items.

Greenebank does not rent or sell cap and trade carbon offsets participants; without your express consent.

C. How Data is Used
Greenebank receives data from Fill-a-Box; Winrows; Stat-Medicament-Disposal. This data is then converted to cap and trade carbon offset credits, and a credit is listed in an account by address/location.
This data includes:
Plastic weight: and or count of containers by manufacturer name.
Metal: Weight, and or count of containers by manufacturer name.
Batteries: county by manufacturer.
Newspapers: total weight
Magazines: total weight
E-waste: total weight, and or manufacturer.
Unused-unneeded pharmaceuticals: total weight, and or manufacturer and product name.
CFL Bulbs: name, size, count.
Aluminum: total weight and or count by manufacturer.
Kitchen food waste (Biowaste) total weight.

You may correct or update your Greenebank account information at any time by accessing your Greenebank account.

D. Security
Greenebank takes all commercially reasonable steps to secure its data. This includes electronic and management procedures and they are updated as we deem necessary.

E. Changes
You can verify if this policy has been updated by reviewing the last update at the beginning of this document. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility.

F. Termination
Greenebank expressly reserves the right to terminate your account at any time for behavior that in its discretion it determines to be illegal, inappropriate or offensive in any way.

Any person wanting to close their account must do so by writing or emailing Requests because of change of address or location will be done promptly, and by so doing you agree to forfeit any future credits to that address / location to Greenebank until such time as you request to re-instate.

Moving from address / location without notice of termination or request to transfer credits to new address / location forfeits to Greenebank all credits in the account.

If you wish to re-instate your account it may take up to sixty days to become effective.

G. Assignments
Credits in an account may be assigned to a landlord. Such a request must be received in writing or by email and cannot be changed in the future without the written consent from the landlord and address / location resident.

Greenebank reserves the right to report to law enforcement agencies any activities, that in good faith we believe to be unlawful.

Greenebank reserves the right to seek restitution for the full value of any credits acquired through improper means as well as legal fees and other costs associated with any such action. The laws of the state of Kansas apply to this policy.

H. Redemption of Credits
Redemption of carbon offset credits is achieved through the following steps:
1. You must log into the Greenebank website to access your address / location.
2. Activate your address / location by entering your password and PIN #.
3. Fill in the data fields for the address / location.
After completion of the above three steps you can then notify Greenebank the amount of credits you wish to redeem. You will receive back verification in your Greenebank account of your choice of redemption.

Your credits will then be placed on an exchange of Greenebank choice for sale.

After the sale is complete your Greenebank account will be credited with a dollar amount and then a debit of that amount of 25% fee to Greenebank.

You are required to then notify Greenebank with instructions of how you want the funds transferred. If there are any fees (Banking associated with your choice of transfer they will be debited from the amount requested to be transferred.

Greenebank is not responsible for replacing lost or stolen credits or funds but may do so in their sole discretion.

Greenebank is not responsible for replacement of credits or funds due to failure to provide accurate delivery information.

I: Use of Greenebank site:
You are responsible for your account and all activities that occur in connection with that account including all information you submit or communicate to Greenebank.

Greenebank reserves the right to investigate possible violations and to block you access to your account and to refer such matters to law enforcement.

By submitting data to Greenebank, you grant Greenebank the irrevocable right to use such data, and you waive any claims or assertions to such data in accordance with its privacy rules.

You, upon entering data represent that you own and authorize such use by Greenebank, and that the data is accurate and complete.

You agree and consent that Greenebank and its operation is copyrighted, trademarked, and its operation falls trade secrets and that sharing information may expose you to liability.

Use Restrictions

Users agree:
Not to use Greenebank in violation of any laws, State, and or Federal.

Not to sell, trade or in any way exploit Greenebank or its content.

Not to remove or modify any copyright, trademark on any material from Greenebank.

Not to reformat any portion of Greenebank website.

Not to use Greenebank to harass, threaten, stalk, defraud, any other user of Greenebank.

Not to use any technology that may impose an unreasonable or large load on Greenebank infrastructure.

Not attempt or to gain unauthorized access to any other Greenebank accounts, systems, network or passwords other than your account.

Not reverse engineer any portion of Greenebank website.

Not use Greenebank to transmit viruses, worms, trojan horses or illegal bot, spider, illegal or legal programs.

Greenebank reserves the right to prevent violation of the above terms and to protect its intellectual property by using IP mapping, software blocking, or to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


If there should arise a claim under the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) send claims to to contain:

1. Identify the work and its infringement
2. Provide the url
3. Information to contact you
4. Your good faith statement that the above information is accurate and you are the copyright owner, or are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.
5. Your signature.

Limits of Liability

Greenebank may be unavailable from time to time either for maintenance or other reasons. Greenebank assumes no responsibility for any interruptions, deletions, delays, communications loss, to Greenebank.

This privacy policy contains the entire agreement between Greenebank and you. Any failure of Greenebank to enforce any provisions of this policy shall not constitute a waiver.

Any loss attributed to conversion of credits or conversion of credits to currency is not assumed by Greenebank.

Greenebank does not assume responsibility or liability caused by actions or inaction of any entity involved in cap and trade carbon offset credits, and will not be responsible for their performances, guarantees, warranties, or representation.

Greenebank under no circumstances shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages arising from Greenebank operations.

Greenebank either through oral or written statements by its employees, agents shall not create a representation or warranty not expressly made herein. This is the sole and exclusive contract and terms. If any part of this policy is found to be unenforceable, the remaining portions all remain in full force and effect.