Food Waste Recycling Made Easy

Winrows collection system addresses cost, convienence and cleaniness, that is what makes Winrows successful.

The bags used in Winrows addresses two synery issues:

(a) the ‘ick’ issue. Nothing to drop or clean.

(b) “motivation” constant reminder by the bags placement and printing of what and how much food waste to recycle.

Winrows is not a Restrictive program, it provides participants with flexiability of what and how much food waste to recycle.

Winrows, lastly provides carbon offset credits to your address/location account at Greenebank that can be converted to cash. Did you know that more than 40% by weight of your trash is foodwaste? And that foodwaste contributes solids into your community water systems by use of your insinkerator food disposal?

Use Winrows and reduce methane gas release into the atmosphere.

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