Is Recycling Worth It?

In the past, there has been a barrier to Recycling! This was a subconscious, suttle barrier. YOUR RECYCLING RECEPTACLE. The design, and the size of the Recycling receptacle determined where you placed it in your residence, and that affected how much you used it for Recycling.

Size, usually relegated the placement of the Receptacle to the garage or yard. Out of sight out of mind! Fill-A-Box is designed for in-home convienence and as a constant motivator for items you place for Recycling.

Using Fill-A-Box, you will find increased numbers of items and the total amount that you recycle.

That increases your redeemable Carbon Offset Credits in your account at GreenebankĀ©ā„¢.

Yes! Recycling is worth it! It can save the planet and put money in your pocket through Greenebank.

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