Plastic Recycling Collection National Survey

In May 2011 Moore Recycling Associates Inc. published a study of rigid plastics that were collected curbside or by municipal drop-off.

This study found that only 2.4% of the U.S. population with recycling access for all plastics, and only 13% for rigid plastics.

This study also found that a majority of cities and counties continue to use resin codes to discribe to households acceptable materials for recycling, which has confused the public.

Using number is unnecessary since all plastic containers are of one of these types of resin and it does not affect the recycability of the plastic.

The study found this type of education (using codes) discourages plastic recycling.

Fill-A-Box collection system recovers ALL plastics within the household.

Fill-A-Box encourages and increases the amount of plastics recycled by households.

And, as an added incentive, households recieve credit in their address/location account at Geeenebank of carbon offset credits.

Join the Fill-A-Box revolution.

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