PC/Smartphone Disposal Plastics R&D

Founders and Innovators of: Stat-Medicament-Disposal ©™, Winrows ©™, Greenebank ©™

Collection systems do not change themselves, and collection systems that re-enforce the status quo prevent changes!

Beginning with these facts, the inventors of Fill-a-Box embarked on a five (5) year research and development journey to incorporate  community based social marketing solutions into changes of household hazardous  waste collection  systems, and Fill-a-Box was birthed.

However, the inventors also worked towards a complete  synergy of Collection Systems with other patented processes they were  developing.  That is Fill-a-Box was not  invented as a stand-alone answer collection system.  That means that Fill-a-Box synergizes with Stat-Medicament-Disposal,  Winrows, and Greene Bank to bring a total recycling collection system to your  home and community.

And the inventors have not focused on just the “Front End” (Collection),  but as you look deep into these synergy inventions you will find “Processes”  that either completely “100%”  recycle items collected, or refine them down to  their basic components such as (Rare Earth Elements) found in computers and  electronics, or kitchen food waste (Bio-Waste) to fertilizer, including liquid  fertilizer, this is Zero Waste, or incineration of remaining items that creates  electricity through steam generation, and steam for swilling kitchen food waste  (Bio-Waste).  Fill-a-Box converts your newspapers to cellulose insulation and gives you carbon offset credits through Greenebank.