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There is a ready market for your Carbon Offset Credits in YOUR account.  UPS charges $.05 for small packages to offset the carbon footprint of those packages.  Where do they get the offsets from?  From accounts such as yours at Greenebank.

You participate in saving our planet by just using Fill-A-Box and Winrows, and receive back financial rewards.

Join the revolution of recycling in your community!

You can think of GreeneBank as your location / address bank account of carbon offset credits based on the recoverable recyclables from Fill-A-Box™ and Winrows™.

We are about recovering the value embedded in your recycleables and passing back to you those values.

You, the citizens have a role to play in recycling, and the more you recycle, the larger the rewards through GreeneBank, as Fill-A-Box and Winrows mines those recycleables.

This is a paradigm shift in allowing you the citizen to monetize your recyclables and further protect the environment.  GreeneBank accounts offer you that opportunity, by placing the rewards in your accounts.

How is this achieved?

Through third-party validation Fill-A-Box and Winrows collects recyclables by address / location, verify by weight and or count the amount collected, and then recycles or restores these recyclables in such a way that it removes the carbon from being put back into the atmosphere.

Examples: Winrows – Did you know the biggest polluter by volume in your landfill is kitchen food waste?  Do you know what it creates in the landfill?  Methane gas!

Winrows is validated by a third party validation as to the amount of methane gas removed and a $ dollar value credited to that amount given by certificates in your address / location account at GreeneBank.  By worm farming, composting your kitchen food waste is 0% methane gas producing.

And if the kitchen food waste is used in Winrows swilling operation it is 0% methane gas producing.

Reduce your carbon footprint and receive cash.

Fill-A-Box – Did you know that newspapers create methane gas in the landfill?

Fill-A-Box removes your newspapers which is validated by a third-party validator and uses them to manufacture insulation for homes and buildings.  That’s right, we turn your newspapers into insulation, and you receive cash for placing them into Fill-A-Box.

Unused / Uneeded Pharmaceuticals – Did you know that these pharmaceuticals are leeching from the landfill into your drinking water system?

Did you know that flushing them down the drain is polluting the streams, rivers, water systems?

Fill-A-Box collection system (The only one of it’s kind) removes these pharmaceuticals from landfills and water treatment systems and you are saving your water system.

E-waste –  Did you know that placing e-waste into the landfill creates methane gas as it degrades?  However another long-term problem is most e-waste takes years and years to degrade.

Fill-A-Box collection system removes E-waste and a third party validator issues credits validating your recycling and places those credits redeemable for cash in your Greenebank address / location account.

Batteries – Did you know that the paste and carbon rods used in batteries are highly toxic?

Fill-A-Box removes your batteries which is validated by a third party validator, and then uses the paste and rods for reclaiming metals from E-waste.  A credit is issued to your address / location that can be redeemed for cash at your GreeneBank account.

GreeneBank is also working on credits for CFC bulbs, and aluminum. Fill-A-Box through its patented collection system, separates plastic from your recycables. After it is weighed and credited to your account, it is processed in a clean air system that converts it into oil. Thats right, this clean air process turns your plastic into fuel products, thereby removing the carbon pollution from the atmosphere and land. You then recieve carbon offset credits in your Greenebank address/location account, that you can convert to cash. Watch for future programs under GreeneBank.

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We know how valuable your information is.  We use the latest data security available to protect your information.  You can be confident that your information is safe with Greenebank.