That is right!  Inventors Dickerson and Kenemore are a team dedicated to combining their world experiences and thinking outside the box (recycling) to bring innovation that changes recycling and recycling attitudes.

Dickerson and Kenemore began their quest with each invention built on the premise that the invention came from outside the recycling industry, incorporates community based social marketing, and had built-in incentives, that was a product that truly recycled household hazardous waste (HHW) and that provides households and businesses with verifiable figures.

Dickerson and Kenemore through R & D have numerous projects in the pipeline.

Lawernce D Kenemore Jr.

Dickerson recycling and its related companies provide me with the opportunity in my senior years to make a positive impact on our environment, something I squandered earlier in life.

I see Durand and our work together blazing new trails never imagined before and thereby reforming the recycling industry, and leaving a legacy for my children and grand children of a safe, healthier environment.

During Kenemore’s 20 plus years in the insurance industry as an executive, he learned how people think buy and respond to products. That is what was intriguing and what sparked the success of products.

Prior to that Kenemore’s first job as an aduit was with Fuller Brush Co. Whereby in four (4) years he learned households needs and wants. Kenemore launched the first youth training program at Fuller Brush Company, became a manager, increased sales, lead the nation in sales and trained some youth who are now owners of their own business’s and or presidents of companies.

Being a senior citizen thereby gives Kenemore the opportunity and time to research the recycling industry and invent new innovative products to save our environment.