Waste To Energy Plastics

  • Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, Stat-Medicament-Disposal ©™ synergy collection system with Fill-a-Box©™ results in a best-investment for any city or county.
  • Few household hazardous waste services or programs are setup to handle medications and because of that your wastewater  has been shown to contain prescriptions and over the counter medications. See Pharmaceuticals, Hormones, and other Organic Waste Water (202-121) Dana W. Kolpin.
  • Household hazardous waste recycling has not made a dent in this looming problem, because, these pharmaceuticals are now showing up in water systems. That is they are leaching into the water table from landfills.
  • Stat-Medicament-Disposal is a Community Based Social Marketing Concept that contributes to the success of keeping unused-unneeded pharmaceuticals from going down the toilet and drains or into landfills thereby polluting the water table of your community.
  • Only Stat-Medicament-Disposal in synergy with Fill-A-Box solves this problem city wide or state wide.
  • Without Stat-Medicament-Disposal operating in your city, county or state, cost for collection is $175.00 per person served and $450.00 per pound disposed of (see HHW Handbook page 122). Stat-Medicament-Disposal is included in the Fill-A-Box program.

The problem looming on the horizon is that current White house drug Policy recommends the disposing of unused-unneeded pharmecuticals by throwing them in the trash or flushing them down the toilet or drains which affects the nations drinking water in two ways:

  1. Land filling while safer is not a permanent solution because landfills can still seep into the drinking water system over time, which has been recognized by the EPA . And researchers have already detected drugs in ground water.
  2. Flushing down the toilet or down the drain as recommended by the White house Drug Policy exacerbate the problem. Scientist in Davis County, Utah linked drug dumping to antibiotic resistant germs and genetic mutations.

Flushing millions of pounds down the toilets or drains is aggravating this emerging problem, and contributing to harming fish, frogs and other aquatic species.

Stat-Medicament-Disposal integrates sustainability into your community.

Stat-Medicament-Disposal is not just a correction system.  The patented process includes destruction of the unused pharmacuticals through a fluid boiler system, that has a by-product of generating electricity and using the steam in an auger system to treat garbage in a swilling process, through its Winrows program.

Stat-Medicament-Disposal patented process has built its research and development into a program that has an end-product that uses each step of the process in synergy with other parts, thereby receiving the benefit of maximum use.

Stat-Medicament-Disposal has distinguished itself from the run-of-the-mill recyclers by designing and implementing programs that achieve real world results.

Interested in Stat-Medicament-Disposal for your City, County, or State, contact us.

Energy From Waste

Waste to energy could meet as much as 10% of the U.S. electricity demands!  It is estimated that by 2021 the annual market for waste to energy will exceed 27 billion dollars.

Each year more than 2.1 billion tons of waste is generated, most ends up in landfills, where it decays and then releases methane gas, pollutes groundwater and the air.

Fill-a-Box and Stat-Medicament-Disposal synergy programs is implementing a waste to energy project to reduce landfill, and pollution by converting waste to electricity.  That is, your waste will not go to a landfill or be transferred to a foreign country, but will be used to generate electricity.  You, by using Fill-a-Box are doing your part to save our planet.